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Our history with Elixir

Prior to Elixir, our main technology was Ruby and Rails. After a few years, the usage of some of our Rails apps went 1000x and it turned out that its performance and scalability are far from optimal causing availability issues and a skyrocketing server bill.

In early 2016, Elixir was gaining momentum as a performance-oriented alternative to Ruby and after listening to Jose's talk on Elixir at Euruko 2016, we were quickly eager to try it out. Over the next months, we rebuilt some of the Rails apps and seeing the change, we quickly fall in love with it.

Performance and productivity

Leading companies use Elixir to develop modern, blazing fast, and reliable apps that support millions of users (like Whatsapp and Pinterest).

Leveraging Erlang's VM, Elixir is both battle-proven and yet contemporary, capable of handling everything from web to blockchain and embedded systems.

Elixir's powers

  • fast and low-latency;
  • scalable and fault-tolerant;
  • maintainable;

What do you build with Elixir

General purpose

Elixir is a general-purpose language and can be used for almost everything from distributed systems to web, blockchain. It shines where scalability, low-latency, and fault-tolerance matter.

Web applications and APIs

Elixir and the Phoenix Framework are a great choice for building dynamic web applications and APIs that need the capability of handling traffic at scale.

Embeded systems

With Elixir and Nerves you can build, deploy, and orchestrate IoT devices with speed and at scale.

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How we can help you

Full project development

We can take on a fresh product concept and bring it to life using Elixir/Phoenix, while following best development and testing practices.

Team augmentation

Our Elixir team can join forces with your in-house developers to help you push your product forward and help you address key technological challenges.

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PR and code reviews

Level up your codebase and prevent costly mistakes. We offer one-off audits, as well as continuous support through ongoing reviews of the PRs your team submits.

Training workshops

Help developers from different backgrounds build up their Elixir and best practices knowledge through a hands-on experience.

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Fleixible Elixir development plans

Solve your Elixir hassles, regardless of your project's scale, with our monthly development plans. Get expert help from your Elixir engineering team whenever you need it.

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Our Elixir experience

We have been running Elixir and Phoenix in production since 2016 and we have an extensive hands-on experience on leveraging their powers. Here are some of the awesome things we've built with Elixir:

Messaging platform

An SMS communication platform that uses Elixir and Phoenix to handle simulatinously hundreds of live conversations. Along the heavy load of messages, the system has multiple async features that thanks to Oban.

Inventory aggregator

We took over and expanded a heavy load Elixir/Phoenix system that gathers data from multiple third-party APIs and aggregates a massive volume of data that is fed to another system through Kafka.

E-shop APIs

For multiple e-commerce projects, using Elixir and Phoenix, we have built backends that hold all the business logic related to products, ordering and shipping while offering blazing-fast APIs for communication with frontend apps.

AI processing gateway

A middleware service that uses Elixir to handle all logic that goes in between the incoming API requests and the AI models. Because of the asynchronous design of our ML architecture, it would've been extremely difficult to build a resilient system without Elixir's concurrency features.

Fax inbox system

For a healthcare company, we have created an inbox system that handles a continuous flow of incoming fax messages. We use elixirs concurrency featurese different edge cases that occur due to specifics with the third-party integration and to handle certain file processing operations.

API gateway

As part of complex service-based infrastructure, we have a created an API gateway application with Elixir and Phoenix. The Elixir API service navigates and handles all communication between the different services at scale while keeping track of all requests as they hold sensitive data.

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