Flexible Elixir development plans

Improve stability and scale your Elixir project through our reliable monthly development plans.

Choose the monthly engineering capacity you need and always have an expert Elixir developer at your disposal.

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  • Senior Elixir developers
  • Flexible capacity options

How it works

Choose a plan that suits the monthly time commitment you require.

We offer multiple plans, tied to a different monthly time commitment (ranging from 8 to 120 hours a month) so that you have the flexibility to choose the one that suits your project requirements.

Regardless of the plan you choose, we offer the same level of exceptional quality.

Your Project Manager will help you prepare, document and evaluate the tasks you need completed, whether that are new features, bug fixes or else.

You'll get accurate estimates before you commit from the dedicated development time. This way there are no surprises and you always know in advance how long a task will take.

An experienced member of our team will work on getting the job done.

Our team consists of experienced Elixir engineers who have worked on multiple projects before and are capable of moving fast while sacrificing software quality.

Our Elixir expertise

HONE's engineering team has entensive experience of working with Elixir on a vatiety of projects since 2016.

We have launched from scratched and scaled multiple Elixir and Phoenix projects in multiple industries like SAAS, argiculture, production, e-commerce, finance and more.

Leverage our experience to improve, scale or enhance the stability of your Elixir-based system.


First Elixir/Phoenix application launched.


Elixir/Phoenix projects launched from scratch.

What you get

New features

Our team builds new features and expands your Elixir/Phoenix application to delight your users.

Bug fixes

Identify and fix any bugs that are disrupting your users' experience with your app.

Version updates

We keep your application dependency versions up to date and resolve any conflicts new versions might bring.

Error monitoring

Proactively monitor your app's performance (via third-party tools) and promptly address arising issues.

Improving test suite

Our team will improve your application's test to ensure all features are working as expected.

Strategic guidance

We provide strategic technical guidance from our years of hands-on Elixir experience.

Elixir project manager doing work

Technical project manager with Elixir knowledge

When you opt-in for our Elixir service, we don't just pair you with a developer on our team and hope for the best.

Every interaction is led by an experience Project manager with hands-on product experience and Elixir understanding, who will help you scope your tasks and leverage the dedicated development time.

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Flexible plans






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One of Bulgaria's biggest tech retailers

Helping one of the biggest online retail tech stores maintain and scale an Elixir-based product management system.


A rising marketing automation startup from LA

Helping Whippy build a unique AI automation platform with Elixir and Phoenix that enables small businesses to capture more leads.

A peer-to-peer marketplace

Building a cat adoption marketplace that uses Elixir, Phoenix and LiveView.

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Who will work on my tasks?

Your Elixir tasks are handled by our experienced in-house engineering team. Our team is highly trained and we would never outsource your tasks.

How experienced is the Elixir team?

Our engineering team is very experienced with Elixir-based projects and members have on average 3+ years of professional Elixir/Phoenix experience.

What's the turn around time?

Each task is unique and the time required may range. Upon acknowledging the task, your project manager will provide an estimate.

How does the billing work?

You'll be billed at the start of every billing cycle for the month that follows.

How does the project management work?

You get a project manager that work with you to properly scope your tasks and engage the engineering team in an efficient manner.

What if I'm not happy?

You can cancel your plan and you won't be billed for the upcoming month.