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HONE brings a unique combo of industry savvy and expert software engineering to help you reach your goals. Our track record of building cannabis software dates back to 2015.



Building software is expensive, time, and energy-consuming process. We put a strong emphasis on extensive research of your concept, engaging stakeholders, and challenging your ideas in an effort to reduce the risk for your investment.

Our goal is to create for you an actionable product strategy that eliminates the guesswork, aligns you with your users and doesn't just promote building things for the sake of building things.


Cannabis-related technology presents additional challenges due to the heavily regulated nature of the industry and the additional need for system flexibility and scalability.

We have extensive experience building medical-grade, HIPPA-compliant software for cannabis companies and we can ensure the technological longevity of your systems through the constantly changing cannabis environment.

Experience in all cannabis verticals

HONE can help you craft a tailor-made cultivation management system that streamlines every aspect of your cannabis production.

Since 2015, we have worked with leading cannabis growers in Canada and Europe on creating comprehensive cultivation solutions and we understand the challenges you are facing.

Our expert team can help you strategize the right solution and work with you to translate the regulatory requirements into a technical product.

Streamline your customer interactions with a custom CRM solution that is the optimal fit for your processes and goals.

We have extensive experience building one of the world's most advanced medical cannabis customer systems for large licensed producers.

Our team can help you navigate around the data privacy requirements and create system workflows that reduce compliance risks and empower your team to do more.

Handle your inventory with a unique, custom solution that gives you transparency and you can trust. HONE has extensive experience working with cannabis producers on solving multiple inventory-related challenges, from product traceability through audit reporting to e-commerce integrations.

We understand the unique challenges cannabis imposes and we can help you build a solution that overcomes them.

Grow your business with a bespoke e-commerce solution, designed specifically for cannabis products.

There are multiple off-the-shelf products for online selling on the market today, however, cannabis products are unique, and generic tools may not be the best fit.

Rather than trying to patch them up for your needs, we can help you create a unique e-commerce solution that offers optimal experience for your users.

Scope, build, and launch unique mobile features. HONE can help you leverage the close connection with the user, smartphones offer, and create unique solutions.

We work with cannabis entrepreneurs, dispensaries, and Licensed Producers to create innovative mobile applications that drive cannabis adoption forward.

We craft cross-platform apps that are quick to launch and easy to use so that you can give your users what they need.

Our cannabis experience


Started working with an early-stage medical cannabis producer Hydropothecary (Canada) on multiple compliance systems.


Regulatory inspections - passed! Health Canada inspectors say our systems are the best in the industry.


We have built over 15 cannabis-related services to support the operations of multiple different departments.


Over 1,000 kilograms of dry cannabis has been produced, audited, purchased, and distributed to clients through the software we've built.


Refocused our efforts on the European market and started working on a new cannabis patient app for local users.



For over 6 years we have worked with Hexo, one of the world's largest licensed producers, on building a fleet of services to run their medical cannabis operations.

Over the course of a few years, Hexo went from a startup to a billion-dollar company.

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Medical cannabis company Hexo's dashboard


We built the Cannabis Patient App that allows European users to monitor and track their medical treatment.

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Medical cannabis tracking app software

HONE's advantage

Cannabis knowedge

We've been involved in the modern cannabis industry from its global inception in the mid-2010s. We've spent years collaborating with cannabis experts on-site on understanding processes, and practices and solving complex challenges. Our team is well familiar with cannabis production, regulatory affairs, cannabis sales, and all other aspects of a cannabis venture.

Tech expertise

Our team is an expert at solving complex business problems with technology. You can have your innovative product concept launched and then scaled to support wide adoption - we've done this many times. Leverage our team consisting of senior engineers, with deep product experience to solve your business problems and turn your ideas into a success.

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Embracing uncertainty

Working in a new and developing industry means facing a lot of uncertainty. Our team understands that and we don't flinch from vague, ambiguous, and messy problems. Our team will work with you to help you define your challenge and turn it into an opportunity to gain an advantage.

Outcome focused

Regardless if you're a startup or an established enterprise, from day one we focus on making an impact. We understand the responsibility to generate an ROI for the interaction. Our approach is designed to save time, move quickly, and deliver results as fast as possible.

5 step process for launching a cannabis tech project

Use our free guide for launching new software projects in the cannabis industry as the foundation for your next software initiative.

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