Launch your cannatech project in 5 weeks

Let's scope, build, and launch your cannabis tech prototype using our approach that helped cannabis vendor Hexo go
from $0 to $1 000 000 000.

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The emerging cannabis markets unfold a groundbreaking opportunity for visionary entrepreneurs. As legislations evolve, the demand for innovative digital products is creating an unprecedented opportunity for those ready to pioneer the next wave of digital transformation.

Seize the opportunity to be at the forefront of the cannatech industry - leverage your domain expertise to launch new digital experiences and shape the future of legal cannabis.

Why projects fail

Poor timing

Timing is everything in new industries like cannabis. Launching late means missing a pivotal market window when demand is high due to the lack of alternatives. Capture the wave and don't miss the opportunity to exponentially acquire customers in your solution category.

Lack of market fit

Even entrepreneurs with extensive domain knowledge and great ideas may end up building products that don't resonate well enough with the target users. Alignment with the market through scoping and research sessions is crucial for a product's success.

Failing to launch

Entrepreneurs lacking tech experience may struggle with the operational challenges of building a technology product. As a result of poor feature prioritization and technical execution, they may struggle to reach an acceptable for launch state of their solution.

The billion-dollar cannabis startup

When the timing and execution are right, the cannabis industry offers massive opportunities for growth.

Over a few years, with our technological help in building multiple software systems, Hexo went from a startup to a billion-dollar company.

Medical cannabis company Hexo's dashboard

Launch your product in 5 weeks

There's never been a better time for launching innovative digital cannabis products. Give a head start to your ideas and launch a working solution in only 5 weeks using our proven strategy and engineering process.

Over the course of 5 weeks, you'll work with us to first conceptualize your ideas and then we'll design, build, and launch a fully functional system where you can onboard real users and gather feedback.

The 5-week process moves fast through all necessary stages for a product launch ensuring a working solution by the end. Unlike other approaches, we build real software and your prototype won't be just a clickable mockup, but a real usable system that can be scaled and developed further.

What's included
  • Strategy and scoping
  • Experience design
  • Software development
  • Infrastructure setup

14 900€

Design and development

Who you'll work with


Biser will help you turn your ideas into a meaningful digital solution. He has extensive product design experience and has spent over 5 years working on cannabis-related software.


Annie leads all development efforts and will ensure your prototype's successful completion. She has a deep technical understanding and has led and participated in multiple successful launches.

What we deliver

Market research

We start with a comprehensive research of your product category. This will give you valuable insights on the state of the product market and what's the best course of action.

Working codebase

We build only real software and you get a fully-functional V1 of your solution. Your prototype is not something you'll need to scrap in 6 months and rebuilt but the contrary - it's a scalable technological foundation that will empower your product to grow.

Running system

You'll have your prototype deployed and running, ready to be used by real users. You can use it to run experiments with real customers, gather feedback, pitch to investors, and sell.

Past projects

Cannabis Patient App

We scoped and built the Cannabis Patient mobile app prototype that allows European users to monitor and track their medical treatment.

Medical cannabis tracking app software

Get started

Reach out via the contact form and Biser will connect with you to discuss the process and your goals.

Biser / Founder